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FOX Business
Mar 4, 2014 5:00pm EST
into the korean region saying that he protects the russian interest there. meanwhile secretary of state john kerry in the ukraine with that country's new government. and stocks brushing off the concerns, the dow jones jumped more than 200 points today while the s&p 500 moves back into record territory. and president obama is also sending congress a nearly 4 trillion-dollar budget on roads and education and job creation. also by closing tax loopholes, favoring the wealthy. the budget is not expected to go anywhere in congress. and this may be the nail in the coffin for radioshack. planning to close up to 1100 stories. radioshack also reporting a wider loss as traffic was down during the all-important holiday season. these are some of the hot stories on fox still to come, my "two cents more" in the winter weather isn't just a pain for humans. certain species could be wiped out as a result. a look at the future of these stink bugs coming up next. stay one an upside to the brutally cold winter. the stink bug population has been hit hard by a plummeting temperatures. are they gone for goo
FOX Business
Feb 28, 2014 5:00pm EST
putin about it in the last week. just on wednesday we heard secretary of state john kerry say that the united states was not looking for a rerun of the cold war here but he did say that there would be an international backlash. there would be consequences to the russians if they decided to take this tack. it is especially sensitive since the russians opposed any military intervention in syria or in iran, to, where the united states of course is trying to advance its, its agenda, its policy agenda, but right now i don't think we know much more than what the officials are telling us on background and we're waiting for the presiient to clarify the situation for us, gerri. gerri: we're waiting for the president and presumably he will be moving to that podium at any minute to give us details on this developing crisis. you know, peter, we talk about this kind of issue and have been talking about the reining on a lot this week. let's talk a little bit what's led up to today, the kinds of events, the kinds of protests, the kind of unrest that we've seen. what do you say? >> well, actu
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2